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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the responsible adult after I drop-off my child for a Zumba Kids class?

A: The owner/manager Joanna Schmidt will be responsible for the safe-being of all children during the time from drop-off to pick-up. Joanna will be at all Zumba Kids classes and will greet all Zumba Kids and parents/guardians upon arrival for classes.


Q: Is there a waiver?

A: Yes. Grüv Dance Fitness requires all class participants to have a completed waiver. Our waivers will be available at all classes, as well as via email if requested. We will soon have our waiver available on our website as well (date TBD). Please arrive to class early to allow for time to complete the waiver. Any issues/concerns with the waiver can be addressed with Joanna Schmidt.


Q: Have the instructors and helpers completed Police Checks? And if yes, may I review if requested?

A: Yes, all employees of Grüv Dance Fitness must have a Police Check completed, and we would absolutely provide proof of Police Checks upon request. We take the safety for our Zumba Kids very seriously!


Q: My child is shy and may want to leave during the class. How do you handle situations like this?

A: Joanna has had many Zumba Kids classes with shy children. Once Joanna recognizes that a child seems shy or reserved, she has a few techniques (as learned in her Zumba Kids certification) to ease your child to feeling comfortable with her and involved in the class environment. Please feel free to call Joanna prior to the class to discuss your child's needs and we will make a plan together.


Q: How many employees do you have?

A: Grüv Dance Fitness currently has one (1) employee, Joanna Schmidt (owner/instructor), as well as one (1) instructor (self-employed) and 4 Class Helpers (volunteers). Joanna will be instructing all Zumba Kids classes, and managing the front door greetings and sales. Class Helpers will assist the front door greetings and sales, and assist the class instructor as needed. Zumba Instructors will provide a fun and active class according to the Zumba Kids program, and will be required to provide proof of a Police Check, Zumba certifications, and Zumba membership in good standing. Any concerns with staffing can be addressed directly with Joanna Schmidt.


Q: What is your class schedule?

A: Check out the Classes page for our weekly schedule. Follow our FB page for announcements of class cancellations.


Q: Where are the classes located?

A: All Grüv fitness classes will be held at the Trinity United Church in the basement. This location has a large open space for group classes, a stage, and located central for Lively residents.


Q: Any insider scoop of what's to come?

A: Well, since you asked... we have some fun opportunities that we're considering. We don't want to give everything away, but we have more adult classes that we'll be adding to the schedule. Stay tuned!


Q: I'd like to suggest an adult fitness class. Are you open to other class ideas?

A: Absolutely, yes! If you have a class suggestion, or know of a certified instructor that wants to host their classes with Grüv, please call or message Joanna Schmidt. We're looking to expand and would love to hear from you!